Anteriad: B2B Account Identity Linkages Sample

1000 Record Sample of Addressable IDs for Business Accounts


Anteriad’s addressable account identity linkages connect over 16MM Mobile Advertising IDs (iOS and Android) and over 54MM cookies to business locations in our firmographic graph. This makes it possible to resolve your existing user data to associated businesses OR activate target accounts by connecting them to addressable identifiers.

This sample contains 1000 MAIDs and IP addresses with high-level metadata about their associated companies.

Other ID spaces are available but are not included in this sample.


Which contains fields such as:
-ID (the actual identifier)
-ID_TYPE (the ID type; possible types in this sample are IP_ADDRESS, AAID (Android Advertising ID), and IDFA (Apple’s Identifier For Advertisers))
-ACCOUNTLINKID (Anteriad’s unique identifier for a business location)
-PARENT_ACCOUNTLINKID (the location identifier of the parent company’s headquarters location. Compatible with the accounts in our Firmographic Sample dataset)

*This Data Sample is compatible with the records in the Anteriad B2B Account Firmographic Sample Listing

About the Provider

Anteriad is the leading provider of B2B marketing solutions for blue-chip brands including IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco. Marketers choose Anteriad for their full-funnel ABM and demand generation platform, world-class data and analytics, and omnichannel performance marketing. Anteriad drives meaningful growth for customers by combining the technology and expertise B2B marketers need to win in today’s competitive market. Learn more at

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