AnalyticsIQ: Business Firmographics Sample

Company level insights like business name, address, number of employees, annual revenue, etc.


AnalyticsIQ’s Business Firmographics file contains numerous variables related to a business.

Geographic coverage: United States of America
Data Population Level: Business
Number of employees/professionals covered: 22.3+ million businesses

AnalyticsIQ’s Business Firmographics data is a subset of our BusinessCore suite and is created from a hybrid compilation of both offline and online sources that include email, name, postal, and other information that you would find on a business card. Then, company level information like annual revenue, number of employees, and industry is captured based on the domain identified in the email address to help us round out the business profile.

We also have partnerships with retailers and websites allow customers to receive opt-in third-party offers that also feed our BusinessCore data.

Big picture, this data is largely available out in the B2B ecosystem, our proprietary employee survey methodology is completely unique to AnalyticsIQ. This is where our Cognitive Sciences Department carefully crafts specific questions that are served to a panel of employees which allows us to create unique business and employee data that keeps up with market and economic trends.

It is important to note that we leverage verification services from 3rd party sources to ensure unbiased accuracy.

Examples of key data points include:
– Business Name: Name of business
– Business Address: Company address: street number
– SIC Code: Industry classification (4 digits)
– NAICS Code: Industry classification (6 digits)
– NumEmploy: Total Number of Employees
– B2B_Employee_Onsite: Total Number of On-site Employees
– AnnualRev: Company total annual revenue
– YearFound: Year the company was established
– YearsBus: Number of Years in Business
– MinorityBus: Company is minority owned (Y/N/U)
– HomeBus: Company is home-based (Y/N/U)
– ImpExpBus: Company is in the import/export business (Y/N)
– PubComp: Company is publicly traded (Y/N)
– HeadBranch: Designates whether this is the headquarters or a branch location

For users who wish to avoid PII, all AnalyticsIQ data can be anonymized through tokenization thanks to our strong partnership with Datavant, a leading providers of data de-identification services.

About the Provider:

Founded in 2007 and based in Atlanta, AnalyticsIQ is vastly made up of data scientists, analysts, researchers, and cognitive psychologists with over 100 years of collective analytical experience. AnalyticsIQ is the first data company to consistently blend cognitive psychology with data science to understand the heart of individuals and their motivations – both as a consumer and as a professional. By linking an individual’s consumer profile at home to their professional profile at work, AnalyticsIQ strives to help companies know their customers and prospects like they know their friends, and its mission is for data to fuel every brand experience.

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