Amplitude: Product Intelligence

Behavioral analytics and modern growth best practices to help companies scale digital revenue


Amplitude makes it easy to get complete, fast access to all your raw product data so you can leave no question unanswered. Amplitude uses Snowflake, the fastest analytics data warehouse in the industry, to offer customer raw access to their product data. This data includes all events and properties for your product teams to make better products and experiences for their clients.

Update Frequency:

Every 10 Minutes

About the Provider:

Amplitude is the #1 analytics platform helping customers build better products. Over 26,000 companies from 180+ countries around the world use Amplitude. We now track over 7 trillion user actions every year to help digital product and growth teams instantly understand user behavior, build engaging experiences, and grow their business. Go beyond vanity metrics like pageviews and clicks. See every path users take in a single view and zoom in to understand the context and intent behind their actions. Answer complex product questions like, which activities keep users coming back? What is the impact of your latest release? Amplitude’s Behavioral Platform does the heavy lifting for you—no analysts, no SQL needed. Automatically identify the personas most likely to become power users. Break down critical paths in your product and improve conversions between steps. Understanding user behavior gives you insight into the intent and motives behind users’ actions. Turn these insights into new growth opportunities for your product.

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