Amplitude: Product Intelligence

Behavioral analytics and modern growth best practices to help companies scale digital revenue


Amplitude Snowflake ETL allows you to access the enriched behavioral data in Amplitude within Snowflake. We make all of the event and user data available as a table within Snowflake that your entire organization can use to execute custom queries as well as join with any other data that you’ve centralized within Snowflake. We sync data to Snowflake on an ongoing basis.

Example Use Case:
PMs looking to contextualize their users’ behavior with account or subscription
Marketing teams looking to connect Amplitude’s behavioral data with the ad campaigns they run
Data science teams looking to incorporate behavioral data in their analyses and ML models

About the Provider:

Amplitude is the #1 Product Intelligence platform tracking overview a trillion data points every months. Amplitude helps teams understand user behavior so they can build engaging experiences that grow their business. Amplitude serves 30,000 customers including 21 Fortune 100 leaders such as Microsoft, Paypal, Burger King along with high-growth innovators like Intuit, Twitter, SoFi, Zuora, and Drift. Amplitude is used by customers in over 180 countries.

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