Altrata: BoardEx: Access the Profiles and Networks of Board Members and Executives

Unlock the best relationship paths to the organizations and individuals you want to reach


BoardEx is a business relationship mapping and executive insight platform for private and public organizations. Discover valuable and influential connections from an ecosystem of global business leaders and decision-makers critical to your success. Continuous updates on board members, C-suite executives, senior leaders and professional advisors provide access to relevant and timely information to enable you to act with impact.

BoardEx contains a vast dataset of 1.6 million leaders and decision makers across 2.1 million public, private and not-for-profit organizations collected and curated over 20 years.

Samples/Tables Included:
Standard Data Set
– Announcements: Board and Director Announcements made for a given Company, Director or Committee.
– Committees: Details of all Company Committees on which a Director serves.
– Characteristics: All pre-calculated characteristics information for directors and company board.
– Director Profile: All Profile information relating to an individual Director in BoardEx
– Company Profile: All Profile information relating to an individual Company in BoardEx.

Additional Data Sets
– Standard Remuneration: All Remuneration other than Transactional Remuneration i.e. Drilldown for a Director at a given company. This includes Compensation, Wealth, and Remuneration Ratios
– Drilldown Remuneration: All Transaction Remuneration such as Director Equity Transactions, Options and LTIP Drilldown functionality for a given director at a given company.
– PE Portfolio – Details of all Company Committees that a Director serves on including Like Committees and Other Board information
– Source URL: All pre-calculated characteristics information at both a director level and board level.

About the Provider:

Altrata is a global leader in people intelligence. It includes more than 100 million profiles on wealthy individuals around the world and more than 12 million profiles on senior decision makers, board members and c-suite leaders. Altrata provides intelligence on the people who are most impactful to our clients’ success. Advanced integration solutions allow deeper insights and access to billions of connections helping clients close more deals, manage risk, and identify up and coming talent quickly. Our data is actionable, accurate, and comprehensive. Powered by a global team of more than 400 researchers who are committed to maintaining millions of profiles and changing data points, so you can effectively engage and make meaningful, lasting connections.

Altrata™ is a registered trademark of the Euromoney Group comprised of five dynamic offerings: BoardEx, Boardroom Insiders, RelSci, WealthEngine, and Wealth-X.

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