ALTR: Data Query and Anomaly Event Log

A complete data consumption and anomaly audit record for protected data stores

Consumer Data Insights – Premium – 2020

ALTR provides Data Security as a Service, a cloud-native solution that provides observability of and control over the consumption of sensitive data in real-time. ALTR integrates uniquely into the actual application workload in diverse use cases from core applications over to big data and analytics applications.

By integrating into the critical path of data consumption, ALTR is able to provide a highly detailed, tamper-resistant record of all data queries along with all data access governance anomalies and related administrative actions.

Tables Included:

  • Query Event Table

Fields Included:

  • Database User
  • Time
  • Rows Returned
  • Database Name
  • Table Name
  • Column Name
  • Application User ID (optional)
  • Application User Role (optional)
  • Application Comment (optional)

Example Use Cases:

Analyze data access records to produce intelligence on data access – when, where, how, how much, and why – to service data protection compliance needs. Combine data access events with other security event outputs to understand the broader spectrum of data traffic in order to control and harden security measures.

Update Frequency:

Near Real-time

About the Provider:

ALTR’s Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) mitigates the risk of direct access to and consumption of sensitive enterprise data. This is the first service of its kind to embed data access monitoring, governance, and at-rest protection natively at the application layer. By placing security into the critical path of data, ALTR offers a simpler, more effective security model, wherever your data is stored.

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