Alliant: Retail

U.S. consumers that are predicted to have an interest in specific retail brands and products.


Alliant Retail audiences are built using product-specific e-commerce data as a study group, that is then joined to an offline cooperative database of direct-to-consumer purchase transactions, demographics, and lifestyle information. The analysis of the combined data is used for predictive modeling to identify other households in the cooperative that have shared characteristics to predict purchase from brands.

Samples/Tables Included:
-Apparel Brands & Products
-Big Box Retail Brands
-Buying Chanel Preference
-Ecommerce Platforms
-Drugstore Brands
-Household Goods Brands
-Jewelry Products
-Kids Products
-Sporting Goods Brands

Sample Fields Included:
– Abercrombie and Fitch Buyer Propensity
– Adidas Buyer Propensity
– Costco Buyer Propensity
– Amazon Buyer Propensity
– LEGO Buyer Propensity
– Hoodie
– Men’s Products
– DICK’S Buyer Propensity
– Quill Buyer Propensity
– Williams-Sonoma Buyer Propensity

Expected Workflow
– Navigate to the Alliant Marketplace tile and click “Request”
– An Alliant representative will reach out
– Provide business requirements and/or create table query
– Upload data to Snowflake data share (if applicable)
– Alliant will return requested data


About the Provider:

Alliant delivers audience-based solutions built from transactional data, advanced data science and high-performance scoring technology. Our mission is to optimize marketing profitability in every channel

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