Alliant: Demographics

Age, income, wealth, education and household composition for the U.S. population


Alliant Demographics provide insights on a range of information about the U.S. population, such as age range, HHI, estimated wealth and more. Demographics are sourced from a national compiler yet are different from other data sources because each record represents a known buyer in Alliant’s transactional data cooperative, providing another qualifier beyond public records. Additionally, Alliant participates in quarterly demographic quality scoring with an independent party, Truthset, to validate accuracy compared to over a dozen other leading providers. In the latest scoring release, Alliant over-indexed in every age category, ranking 2nd overall in the category.

Each table provides a scalable source of demographic data with millions of records. For example, the average age bracket includes over 10MM records.

Samples/Tables Included:
-Age brackets
-Estimated wealth
-Education level
-Household income brackets
-Marital status
-Occupation types

Sample Fields Included:
-Age 18-24
-College graduate
-Estimated wealth $1MM+
-Head of household
-Household income $101,000-$110,000
-Households with 2 adults
-New births
-Newly married
-Spanish spoken at home
-White collar occupation

Expected Workflow
– Navigate to the Alliant Marketplace tile and click “Request”
– An Alliant representative will reach out
– Provide business requirements and/or create table query
– Upload data to Snowflake data share (if applicable)
– Alliant will return requested data


About the Provider:

Alliant delivers audience-based solutions built from transactional data, advanced data science and high-performance scoring technology. Our mission is to optimize marketing profitability in every channel

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