Algolytics Technologies: Buildings Spatial Database for BI and ML – Poland

Detailed address, geographical coordinates, demographics and building surroundings data for Poland


The Building Spatial Database is a standardized collection of data on all buildings/addresses in Poland. It contains basic address information as well as the detailed location of the building expressed in geographic coordinates. The database also collects additional information characterizing the building, such as – the number of inhabitants, demographic data, the number of companies registered in the building, as well as information characterizing the surrounding of the building.

This data can be used in many areas – from targeting marketing campaigns, through the assessment of the attractiveness of the location, to building machine learning models.

These data can also be made available as a complete set of data about buildings / addresses in a given area, e.g. housing estate, city, commune, etc. The following set of features applies to a single building / address and can be freely aggregated at any level, e.g. zip code, regular square grid, city etc.:

Address data:
– Name of the voivodeship, poviat and commune and their TERYT codes,
– Name of the city and locality and their TERYT code,
– Name of the street and its TERYT code,
– Postal Code,
– Street number

Location data:
– GUS statistical region and census circuit information
– Longitude and latitude of the building

Economic and population data:
– Number of apartments in the building
– The number of inhabitants of the building according to GUS
– Number of inhabited apartments
– Number of economic activities registered in the building according to REGON register
– Number of legal persons (companies) registered in the building according to REGON register

Demographic data:
– Number of inhabitants by gender and age group (14 age groups)

Buildings surrounding data:
– Number of shops and personal service POIs (hairdressers, laundries, etc.)
– Number of POIs from the tourism, advertising, legal, consulting, training, etc. industries (“white collars”)
– Number of cultural establishments (cinemas, theaters, bookstores)
– Number of facilities and establishments related to sports and physical activity
– Number of branches of banks and insurance companies
– Number of ATMs
– Number of restaurants and bars
– Number of schools, kindergartens and nurseries
– Number of doctors ‘and dentists’ offices
– Number of bus stops, stations and other facilities related to public transport
– Number of train stations, bus stations, metro stations, etc.
– Characteristics of the area within which the building is located -% share of commercial area, green areas (forests, meadows, …), agricultural land, built-up areas (broken down by type of building, residential, industrial, …), rivers, lakes

About the Provider:

Algolytics provides software solutions in the area of predictive analytics, risk management, data quality and advanced analysis of large data sets.

The mission of Algolytics is to improve the effectiveness of companies from highly competitive lines of business by providing support in the areas of customer relations and risk management.

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