Alesco Data: Alesco Auto Database (sample)

The largest and most accurate automotive database with 238 million+ records,130 million+ with email


Disclaimer: The information in this data set is fictitious, should be treated as such, and should be used only for testing purposes. Information in the data set does not represent any known business or consumer.

Our file consistently outperforms other Automobile files for accuracy, counts, and response rates.

We don’t guess what’s in a consumer’s garage…we KNOW what’s in a consumer’s garage. Alesco Automotive records are updated monthly from millions of proprietary sourced vehicle transactions. These incoming transactions are processed through compilation rules and are either added as new, incremental records to our file, or contribute to validating existing records.

In addition, we append our persistent ID, telephone numbers, and demographics for a complete file that can support your direct mail and email marketing, lead validation, and identity verification needs. A Persistent ID is assigned to each vehicle record and tracks consumers as they change addresses or phone numbers, and vehicles as they change owners.

The database is not derived from state motor vehicle and therefore not subject to the Shelby Act/Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 2000. The data is deterministic and sources include sales and service data, warranty data and notifications, aftermarket repair and maintenance facilities, and scheduled maintenance records.

Fields Included:
-Vehicle Class Code (crossover, SUV, full-size, mid-size, small)
-Vehicle Fuel Code (gas, flex, hybrid)
-Vehicle Style Code (sport, pickup, utility, sedan)
-Number of Vehicles per Household
-First seen date
-Last seen date
-20 additional fields

Use Cases*:
-Acquisition Marketing
-After-market Promotions
-Service Center Programs
-Extended Vehicle Warranty Programs
-Dealer Trade-In Programs
-Dealer Loyalty Programs
-Validation and Appending

* see documentation for more info

Please find our Personalized „Alesco Auto Database“ and make a request.

About the Provider:

Because Data Matters, Alesco Data develops highly responsive audiences that will predict behavior utilizing our analytics and insights. This will improve your current data and optimize marketing spend.

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