Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC): ARC Travel Demand

Timely intelligence on global air travel sales from U.S. to Mexico for the past 6 rolling months


ARC’s data consists of the world’s most comprehensive source of global air travel intelligence. Global coverage spans flights from more than 4,600 airports in 234 countries and territories.


Use ARC Travel Demand to access current and future airline sales data in order to understand the existing traffic volumes, the impact of COVID-19 on the airline industry and make informed decisions regarding future travel demand. Customers can use this data to gain insights into airline sales activity and build demand planning models for airlines, hotels, destination marketing organizations and others.


A single secure view that contains air travel data from United States to Mexico for the prior rolling six months which include the following:

• Daily air travel purchases, cancellations, and departures for passengers traveling from/to specific countries/airport destinations.

• Daily breakdown of air travel volume and total fares paid by point of sale country, class of service and stop over destination airports.


LOAD_DT: The record load date in ARC’s systems
TRAN_CD: A code that identifies the type of transaction.
DATA_SOURCE_CHANNEL: Source of the air travel data (U.S. Travel Agencies, Non-U.S. Travel Agencies, Carrier Website etc.)
DATE_OF_ISSUE : Date when the ticket was issued
DATE_OF_DEPARTURE : The scheduled date of departure
FARE_TOTAL : Sum of total fares paid
CABIN_CLASS : Service class categories(i.e. First-F, Business-C, Economy-Y, Discount Economy-DY, All Others -AO)
POS_COUNTRY_CD : The 2-letter country code for the origin of the ticket issuance
ORIGIN_COUNTRY_NAME : The country name for the origin of the travel segment
ORIGIN_AIRPORT_CODE : Origin airport code of the travel segment
DESTINATION_COUNTRY_NAME : The Country Name for the destination of the travel segment
DEST_AIRPORT_CODE: Destination airport of the travel segment
TRUE_OND: Origin-Destination pair based on stop over of the itinerary derived based time on ground logic
SEGMENT_PAX_COUNT: Count of travel/passenger segments

About the Provider:

An industry leader in air travel intelligence and omnichannel retailing, ARC provides platforms, tools and insights that help the global travel community connect, grow and thrive. ARC enables the diverse retailing strategies of its customers by providing flexible settlement solutions, innovative technology and access to the world’s most comprehensive air transaction dataset.

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