AirDNA: Airbnb Property and Calendar Data

Airbnb property level data and forward calendar data for current active listings in Santa Monica


Property: Provides property level attributes for all active Airbnb listings located in Santa Monica, California. This data set includes detailed information about the listed properties including number of beds/baths, property type, amenities, property description, and location. Additional property metrics including last twelve months of revenue, average daily rate, occupancy rate, number of reservations, and average reservation length are also included.

Calendar: Contains forward looking reservation data for all active Airbnb listings in Santa Monica, California. The data provides the AirDNA’s modeled status (reserved, blocked, or available) on a daily level looking forward 12 months.

Property Fields:
REVENUE_LTM: Revenue in last 12 months,
AVG_DAILY_RATE_LTM: Average daily rate in last 12 months,
OCCUPANCY_RATE_LTM: Occupancy rate in last 12 months,
NUMBER_OF_RESERVATIONS_LTM: Number of reservations in last 12 months,
AVG_RESERVATION_LENGTH_LTM: Average reservation length in last 12 months,
REVENUE_NATIVE_LTM: Revenue (in property’s native currency) in last 12 months,
AVG_DAILY_RATE_NATIVE_LTM: Average daily rate (in property’s native currency) in last 12 months

Calendar Fields:
STATUS: Availability status of the property (Blocked, Available, Reserved)

Example Use Case:
Access the granular short-term rental data that powers AirDNA’s suite of products. Dig deeper into historical trends, and merge short-term rental performance information into other data sets to identify impacts and opportunities. Uncover your own insights on how short-term rentals are changing the way people travel.

Our forward data feeds provide all of the fundamental data points to build your own custom revenue management solution. See exactly how many vacation rental properties are available in your market each day and how they are priced.

See how your existing vacation rentals are performing compared to their peers and study real-time future demand to set prices, gauge revenue, and build your short-term rental strategy.

About the Provider:

AirDNA helps hosts, property managers and investors make the most of the short-term vacation rental market by turning short-term rental data into actionable analytics. We forecast the revenue potential of 10+ million vacation rental listings in 80,000 markets globally on Airbnb and HomeAway, empowering our customers to analyze easier, invest wiser, list smarter and succeed faster.

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