Aidentified LLC: US Household and Professional Identity Graph

Extensive consumer and professional attributes to match and enrich people data.


Leverage Aidentified’s billions of identity resolution household and professional attributes to combine datasets and gain rich insights about people.

Aidentified’s cleanroom in Snowflake’s environment ensures secure, confidential matching.

High match rates are achieved by using current and historic household and professional attributes.

Identity Resolution can be Performed on:
– First Name
– Last Name
– Postal Address
– Email Address
– Phone Number

Data Provided
– Match Keys

Tables Include:
– Full US Business and Household Profiles
– US Wealth Triggers with IPO, IPO Filing, Investment Received, Unicorn Status Achieved, SPAC, Insider Stock Transactions
– US Company Triggers with Job Changes, Promotions
– People mentioned in the news
– US 1st and 2nd Degree Relationship Pathways

Sample Fields Included:
– Full Name
– Business and Home Address
– Business and Home Email
– Business and Home Phone
– Mobile Phone
– Household members
– Child Education Ranges
– Personal Interests
– Marital Status
– Age
– Sex
– Current Employment
– Previous Employment
– Education
– Inferred Income
– Inferred Wealth Segment
– Property Value & Home Attributes
– Wealth Trigger Alerts
– Management Changes
– Referral Relationship Pathways

Expected Workflow:
– Client sends records to Aidentified to be matched via Snowflake data share.
– Aidentified matching algorithm uses match fields (name, email, phone, address) and appends matched profiles to client records.
– Results are returned to client via Snowflake data share.

For more information, view Aidentified’s website:

About the Provider:

Aidentified is a leader in AI-powered US data intelligence solutions, uniquely combining professional and household data to offer brands a 360º view of business clients and prospects including 210 million consumer and 100 million professional U.S. profiles and real-time wealth events.

Aidentified was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Boston.

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