AHEAD: Chicago Divvy Bike Station Status

Chicago Shared Bike's Divvy Bike Locations


This Dataset shows the locations of Divvy Bikes throughout Chicagoland, for the purposes of leveraging open data to make the system more efficient. There is Bike location data for all stations at a per minute granularity.

Our hope is that free and open data will improve the system and help expansion and usage through data science and analytics.

Data Provided:
This is the per minute fact data of all the stations and where bikes are spread out throughout the city.

Key Fields are:
STATION_ID – New Station Identify
LEGACY_ID – legacy short station identify
NUM_EBIKES_AVAILABLE – the number of e-bikes that are available for renting
NUM_EBIKES_BOOL – boolean on 1 or more ebikes is renting at that station
NUM_BIKES_AVAILABLE – number of regular non-ebikes available for renting.
LAST_UPDATED – timestamp of the data

consists of the stations throughout the city as a dimensional table
Key Fields:
NAME – The crossroads intersections
STATION_TYPE – Weather classic or lightweight (ebike only)
LON – Longitude of the station
LAT – Latitude of the station
LEGACY_ID – Legacy short station identifier
EXTERNAL_ID – the Station_id for joining with the STATION_STATUS_FLATTEN_FULL table
CAPACITY – The number of docks at the respective station

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