Affinio: Segment Overlap Analysis

Match IDs between your data and multiple other parties without ever exposing raw PII


SEGMENT OVERLAP ANALYSIS enables a secure way of identifying ID overlaps between your first-party data and that of other data partners and publishers on Snowflake – without parties exposing raw PII. Beyond overlap determination, this service can automatically discover new over-indexing behaviors and/or syndicated segments in the partners’/publishers’ data that serve to ‘virtually enrich’ knowledge of the overlapping base.

Based on your segment definition, the resulting outcome is:
– a centralized map of overlap counts across each applicable partner
– scores for each partner’s top attributes
– over-indexing syndicated segments (if applicable)
– ability to dedupe counts across multiple selected partners

BRAND MARKETERS can use this service to assess desired media channels and syndicated segments, prioritizing those with the highest synergy among their existing or target customer base.
PUBLISHERS can use this service to assess overlap between an advertiser’s first party data and the publisher’s own inventory for ad sales and scalable activations without needing to be exposed to the advertiser’s raw PII.
DATA PROVIDERS can use this service to efficiently estimate match rates ahead of custom onboarding deals or when pairing syndicated segments, in a more timely and secure manner.

– Request the service via this Marketplace listing
– Provide your Snowflake account for provisioning
– Receive the service through a secure UDF sent via Data Share
– Apply the secure UDF to your data directly with supporting documentation

About the Provider:

Affinio offers embedded services inside Snowflake enabling privacy-safe customer data collaboration and analytics across brands, publishers and data partners without any party needing to share/move/expose private data. With all analytics being done inside the data warehouse, these services augment the tech stack with no data movement.

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