Affinio: Propensity Modeling for First Party Data

Predict segment candidates by scoring IDs in the warehouse per target criteria


PROPENSITY MODELING FOR FIRST PARTY DATA allows you to generate custom propensity scores for all IDs in the warehouse based on target criteria like churn, upsell, engagement, etc..

– The resulting outcome is a new score (0-1) for every ID in the warehouse per their propensity to exhibit the targeted behavior.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE TEAMS can use this service to identify which customers are most likely to churn based on their historic behaviors, and target those users with discounts and incentives.
PUBLISHERS can use this service to assess which viewers and readers are most likely to click through ads to adjust mid-flight campaign targeting.
PRODUCT TEAMS can use this service to predict which customers are most likely to upgrade from free to premium status and send targeted emails to that subset of their customer base.

– Request the service via this Marketplace listing
– Provide your Snowflake account for provisioning
– Receive the service through a secure UDF sent via Data Share
– Apply the secure UDF to your data directly with supporting documentation

About the Provider:

Affinio offers embedded services inside Snowflake enabling privacy-safe customer data collaboration and analytics across brands, publishers and data partners without any party needing to share/move/expose private data. With all analytics being done inside the data warehouse, these services augment the tech stack with no data movement.

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