Affinio: Look-alike Modeling

Securely extend the targetability of your desired segments via the Snowflake ecosystem


LOOK-ALIKE MODELING is specifically designed to create probabilistic audiences within Snowflake. Any desirable first-party segment can be extended within a data partner’s or publisher’s environment via overlapping behavioral signals. Scalable ID targets are rank-ordered and made ready for activation by specified reach threshold, without any raw PII ever transferred for their creation.

– The resulting outcome is an ID list for the provider that includes a new score (0-1) and rank ordering for those exhibiting the targeted behaviors in their warehouse

– BRAND MARKETERS and AGENCIES can leverage this service to find and acquire new customers based on first party audience “seeds” while safely keeping the definition of this originating segment “blind” to the publishers.
– PUBLISHERS and DATA PROVIDERS can use this service directly to enable on-demand ‘custom’ audiences as a premium offering to strategic advertising partners.

– Request the service via this Marketplace listing
– Provide your Snowflake account for provisioning
– Receive the service through a secure UDF sent via Data Share
– Apply the secure UDF to your data directly with supporting documentation

About the Provider:

Affinio offers embedded services inside Snowflake enabling privacy-safe customer data collaboration and analytics across brands, publishers and data partners without any party needing to share/move/expose private data. With all analytics being done inside the data warehouse, these services augment the tech stack with no data movement.

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