Affinio: Customer Profiling for First Party Data

Personify a segment by scoring its behaviors across all attributes inside Snowflake


CUSTOMER PROFILING FOR FIRST PARTY DATA is a powerful way to conduct customer profiling across all customer data and attributes inside Snowflake. Identify common behaviors and over-indexing attributes of target segments. Use it across first-, second- and third-party data to generate rich personas for data-driven strategies. The following scores are produced for every ad-hoc custom segment definition and can be further leveraged in any Snowflake-connected tool or platform (e.g. BI, marketing automation, CDP, modeling tools) or in other Affinio services.

– Propensity scores for top relevant segment attributes
– Index scores for top nuanced segment attributes
– Impact scores for top coverage segment attributes

BRAND MARKETERS can use this service to profile their most valuable customers, identifying the attributes that make that segment unique to the rest of the customer base.
PUBLISHERS can use this service to generate rich, data-driven personas for increasing win rates in ad sales pitches.
PRODUCT TEAMS can use this service to conduct root-cause analysis for quickly identifying over-indexing product events related to increased churn.
DATA PROVIDERS can use this service to demonstrate to prospects how easily their assets can be leveraged for added-value without Data Science lift – and to provide self-serve preview samples.
AGENCIES can use this service on behalf of clients’ to personify segments in the clients’ valuable internal data without needing to be exposed to sensitive raw records.

– Request the service via this Marketplace listing
– Provide your Snowflake account for provisioning
– Receive the service through a secure UDF sent via Data Share
– Apply the secure UDF to your data directly with supporting documentation

About the Provider:

Affinio is a leading augmented analytics company with the mission to democratize data analysis across all enterprises and revolutionize access to information to deliver enterprise-
level intelligence to every employee across an organization. Affinio offers deep data analysis capabilities which can ingest infinite amounts of data across a company’s first-party data
infrastructure. Affinio’s platform is capable of surfacing deep consumer insights within any data set fast, with rich visualization and easily shareable formats.

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