Affinio: Clustering First Party Data

Uncover the organic communities that underlie your customer data


CLUSTERING FIRST PARTY DATA lets you discover the customer clusters that naturally exist within an audience to drive your personalization at scale to the next level. We analyze all the connections in your data to identify common behaviors, revealing hidden patterns of like-minded sub-communities. Affinio’s AI can be applied to content consumption, online and offline transactions, onsite and ad-click streams, search, reviews, and other customer datasets to quickly surface whitespace growth strategies.

Choose the desired level of granularity from 2-20 clusters, and select the key behavior(s) that you want to drive the cluster formation. Continuously run clustering on any of the ad-hoc segments you define in the Affinio Profiling app.

The following metrics will be made available:
– Assignment of each ID to its single best-match cluster
– Index (affinity) scores for top nuanced attributes by cluster
– Impact scores for top coverage cluster attributes

– Request the service via this Marketplace listing (with the additional prerequisite of Affinio’s Customer Profiling service, listed separately in the Marketplace)
– Provide your Snowflake account for provisioning
– Receive the service through a secure UDF sent via Data Share
– Apply the secure UDF to your raw data directly, with supporting documentation
– Join the resulting cluster table with the pre-encoded segment table to see results by cluster (whether using the Affinio-supplied Docker interface or Snowflake directly)

About the Provider:

Affinio offers embedded services inside Snowflake enabling privacy-safe customer data collaboration and analytics across brands, publishers and data partners without any party needing to share/move/expose private data. With all analytics being done inside the data warehouse, these services augment the tech stack with no data movement.

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