Affinio: Behavioral and Customer Insights

AI-Driven Insights to Activation of all customer data


Affinio is an augmented analytics platform powered by our custom graph technology. We analyze the connections in your data to identify common behaviors and affinities across massive customer data sets. We then provide those AI-driven insights into an easy to use visualization layer so the entire enterprise can generate data-driven strategies and activations.

Samples/tables included:

  • Cluster IDs
  • Interests traits
  • Behavioral metadata

Fields included:

  • Consumer IDs per segment or sub-cluster
  • Cluster identifier
  • Audience Overlap count
  • Behavioral Scores: Affinity, Relevance, Value
  • Cluster overlap scores
  • Behavioral traits

Example Use Case:

Use Affinio AI to analyze behaviors across content consumption, online and offline transactions, onsite and ad-click streams, search to unlock hidden customer patterns and behaviors. Surface whitespace revenue growth strategies quickly that can be activated instantly.

Update Frequency:


About the Provider:

Affinio is a leading augmented analytics company with the mission to democratize data analysis across all enterprises and revolutionize access to information to deliver enterprise-
level intelligence to every employee across an organization. Affinio offers deep data analysis capabilities which can ingest infinite amounts of data across a company’s first-party data
infrastructure. Affinio’s platform is capable of surfacing deep consumer insights within any data set fast, with rich visualization and easily shareable formats.

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