Adara, Inc.: ADARA Travel Signals

Audiences and scores based upon actual consumer intent and travel transactions


ADARA travel audiences and scores are created using search, purchase, and loyalty data collected directly from the world’s top travel brands. Demographic and other behavioral datasets are added as inputs to profiles attached to the ADARA ID Graph to create datasets of travel intent audiences. Rules for data rights management will be applied for each Snowflake customer.

Tables Included:

Sample Fields Included:
-In-Market Traveler
-Business Traveler
-Leisure Traveler
-Luxury Traveler
-Family Traveler
-Traveler Value Score
-Advance Trip Planning Score
-Future Departure 1-30 days
-Future Departure 31-90 days

Expected Workflow
-Choose to “Request Data”
-ADARA will follow up on the request
-Upload match table as a data share for ADARA
-ADARA will join the match table and apply rules for data rights
-ADARA will share data

Additional Information
There are additional travel intent and destination audiences that can be made available to meet your customer use cases, including customer-specific audiences and scores.

About the Provider:

Adara is one of the world’s largest data exchange platforms, providing access to ethically-sourced customer data. Access more than 300 of the world’s largest brands’ buyer intent and transaction data to uncover deep and actionable insights that drive better marketing ROI.

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