Adaptive Shield: SaaS Security Posture Management Sample Data

Sample data live example of security and configuration checks from few of our supported SaaS


Adaptive Shield continuously monitors all your SaaS apps, detecting any misconfigurations, incorrect permissions, exposures, wherever they may be.

Using Snowflake you can now query every users’ roles, privileges, risk level, and more, allowing you to drill down to the exact insights you’re looking for.

Fuse Adaptive Shield’s data with your Security Data Lake will improve the visibility, automation, and end-to-end security posture of your SaaS stack.

The dataset consists of (but not only) tables that describe security checks, rules and remediation plans, user inventory, alerts, and industry standards.

Use cases:

  • Consolidate User Exposures across SaaS platforms
  • Alert On Configuration Drifts
  • Automate Remediation Process
  • Follow Trends Over Time
  • Measure SaaS Security Performance
  • Evaluate SaaS Compliance And Standards

Tables Examples:

  • Security checks – Vulnerability explanation, Remediation plan, Risk severity. and compliance mapping.
  • Users – Users discovered from all connected SaaS, their exposures, and privileged activities across platforms.
  • Apps – List of supported SaaS
About the Provider:

Proactively find and fix weaknesses across your SaaS platforms, and maintain continuous security for all global settings and user privileges.

Securing the enterprise data and users across SaaS systems, Snowflake included, in a streamlined and consistent way is becoming ever challenging.

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