Acxiom: Predictive Audiences

Market-leading behavioral and attitudinal indicators


Acxiom Audience Propensities® are market-leading behavioral and attitudinal indicators based on known, actionable information and tied to shopping intent, attitudinal data, media behavior, etc. These unique indicators predict brand affinity and preferences, in-market interests and timing, and media viewing habits, allowing you to fuel powerful experiences and engagement.

Audience Propensities are designed to address the distinct nuances of a wide range of industries. Rooted in multidimensional insights from syndicated data partner relationships, Acxiom’s audiences are superior to other approaches that rely on a single attribute or attitudinal indicators. Our varied partners and expertise in ethical data collection methods yield superior predictive insights. With statistical confidence, Audience Propensities help predict answers to the most important marketing questions.

Choose from more than 3,500 prebuilt audience predictors, including:
  • More than 300 automotive industry propensities including brand affinities, accessories, and packages
  • More than 500 CPG propensities including consumable food and beverage preferences, pet products and beauty supplies
  • More than200 insurance propensities including brand preference for auto, property, life and health as well as channel propensities
  • More than 200 investment services attributes including assets, retirement savings and affinity for investing
  • More than 900 retail propensities including purchase behavior, shopping propensities and brand affinities
  • More than 150 technology category propensities including mobile wallet interests, consumer electronics brand affinities, wearables attitudes and behavior, and media usage
Why Acxiom Predictive Audiences?
  • Increases the accuracy and predictive power of your marketing efforts
  • Extends audiences when data coverage and scale are lacking
  • Enables effective and timely messaging
About the Provider:

Acxiom provides the most comprehensive, global suite of consumer insights in the market, harnessing data about real people across the most sources of data to power precise audience targeting and people-based marketing. Acxiom leverages data to help brands succeed by understanding more about known or anonymous audiences, completing touchpoint contact data.

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