Acxiom EMEA: Acxiom Analytics File

Acxiom’s consumer marketing data available for insight and analytics


For decades, Acxiom has been providing insight that enables clients to better manage audiences, personalize customer experience across channels and create more profitable customer relationships.

Companies can access these insights for effective market analysis, segmentation and modelling, to make better marketing decisions and ultimately increase revenue faster with more efficient marketing.

Acxiom uses multiple data sources to overcome single source weaknesses and deliver extensive coverage of households and marketable adults.  It includes a wide variety of demographics, lifestyle characteristics and behavioral information, which is available to add insight to the market and increase understanding of existing and prospective consumers.

Fields include:
– Individual Demographics – age, gender, life-stage
– Household Characteristics – household size, number and ages of children
– Life Events – marital status, birth of children, moving home
– Financial – income ranges, economic stability, affordability and expenditure
– Interests – reading, gardening, food, arts, family, pets
– Behaviors – charitable causes, products bought, method of payment
– Travel and leisure - holidays, sport, entertainment
– Employment – education, occupation, employment status
– Automotive – car ownership, insurance
– Media – technology, channel use, press readership
– Personicx Segmentation

Anonymized sample records for geographical areas or random samples. Data can be provided in the form of enhancement, a given geography or defined sample, as per clients’ requirements.

Use cases & Benefits:
Know your customer – understanding the characteristics, lifestyles and drivers of your customers and prospects is essential for any customer engagement.  Uses include:
– Improve success of marketing strategies
– Customer insight drives decisions, predictive modelling
– Segmentation
– Retention strategies
– New customer acquisition
– Cross-sell, up-selling strategies
– Channel management
– Contact strategy
– Customer relationship management
– Lifetime value and behavior modelling

About the Provider:

Acxiom is a customer intelligence company that provides data-driven solutions to enable the world’s best marketers to better understand their customers to create better experiences and business growth. A leader in customer data management, identity, and the ethical use of data for more than 50 years, Acxiom now helps thousands of clients and partners around the globe work together to create millions of better customer experiences, every day. Acxiom is a registered trademark of Acxiom LLC and is part of The Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG). For more information, visit

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