Acxiom EMEA: Acxiom Activation Lookalikes on CRM Data

CRM lookalike onboarding to premium publishers like Facebook and other leading digital platforms


The acquisition of new customers and lead generation is the primary goal of most brand and performance campaigns. By providing 1st party CRM data, Acxiom can statistically profile the customer base and create statistical models to identify lookalikes – so called statistical twins – with high similarity to existing customers. Acxiom can distribute these prospect audiences to all available channels – premium publishers like Facebook and major DSPs or DMPs.

1PD (CRM-Data) touchpoints for onboarding:
– Name and postal address (street, house number, ZIP, city)
– Email address
– Phone number
– Device ID
– Gender and date of birth

Process look-a-like modelling (LAL)
– Kick-off: Defining campaign goals and settings
– Legal including Data Privacy Agreement (DPA)
– 1PD data cleansing
– Enhancement of Acxiom full data universe of high-quality offline data for modelling
– Statistically profiling and modelling of defined audiences
– ID based activation in your publisher’s or platform’s ad-account

Why 1PD lookalike modelling with Acxiom?
– Best performing lookalike audiences: The best-of-breed modelling approaches combined with the most comprehensive offline data elements in modelling enables Acxiom to deliver the best-performing lookalike audiences
– Highest match rate across all channels: Acxiom provide the highest match rate across all channels given it long year partnership with the leading platforms and partnerships combined with the most valuable match data spine.
– Fully GDPR compliant: State of the art data privacy and compliance guidelines. Acxiom acts under DPA and only shares ID with the partners. No client’s data is transferred to publishers and platforms


About the Provider:

Acxiom is a customer intelligence company that provides data-driven solutions to enable the world’s best marketers to better understand their customers to create better experiences and business growth. A leader in customer data management, identity, and the ethical use of data for more than 50 years, Acxiom now helps thousands of clients and partners around the globe work together to create millions of better customer experiences, every day. Acxiom is a registered trademark of Acxiom LLC and is part of The Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG). For more information, visit

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