AccuWeather: AccuWeather for Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Secure profits and build operational efficiency using AccuWeather’s historical and forecasted weather data.


AccuWeather empowers manufacturers to make critical decisions that save lives, protect property, increase productivity, and lower costs. With daily and hourly forecasts and historical weather data, your teams can mitigate weather-related risks and proactively prepare for the impact of weather on business operations to execute efficiently.

The weather has a direct impact on supply chains and leveraging the world’s most accurate data can help you get ahead in every area of manufacturing.

Purchasing: Weather determines the quality and value of perishable goods, as well as various products that can be damaged by various weather conditions.

Demand Planning: With the user of AccuWeather’s forecasts and historical data, teams can build analytical tools and advance their machine learning, enabling new ways to generate models to understand the correlation of weather at any given moment

Warehouse: The business of operating a warehouse has become more complex, and the need to modernize is becoming more relevant. As businesses are digitizing their operations, weather is pivotal to improving performance and protecting property and people.

Transportation of goods and packages: Whether your business relies on ship, rail, or road, companies must plan for, monitor, and adjust when a storm strikes. With AccuWeather’s data, you can determine how the weather may impact a route days ahead.

Sample Tables
– Daily Forecast Weather
– Hourly Forecast Weather
– Daily Historical Weather
– Hourly Historical Weather

Sample Fields:
– Date
– Latitude & Longitude Location
– Daily Metrics (Temperature, RealFeel Temperature, Windspeed & Direction, Predominant Precipitation Type, Precipitation Liquid Water Equivalent Total, etc.)
– Hourly Metrics (Temperature, RealFeel Temperature, Relative Humidity, Cloud Cover, Total Liquid, etc.)

About the Provider:

We combine weather data, technology, and human insight to improve lives and businesses.

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