AccuWeather: AccuWeather Data Suite: Historical Weather Data

Global historical weather observations at the precise locations that matter to you.


AccuWeather’s historical data is powered by the largest and best collection of real-time weather and historical weather data sources, along with expert data analysis and meteorological expertise. This industry-leading global historical weather dataset provides daily and hourly parameters for the most recent 10-year historical period. There are nearly 90,000 locations available, and it’s fully customizable to best serve the requirements and needs of businesses.

There are 150+ weather parameters that are consistent throughout the data set, enabling data scientists to enhance their machine learning and enable new ways to generate models to understand the correlation of weather to any situation. Businesses are empowered to understand the weather’s impact on their business yesterday and today so that they can predict the outcomes for tomorrow. Businesses can leverage AccuWeather’s Historical Weather Data in a plethora of ways.

Samples/Tables Included:
– Daily Historical Weather
– Hourly Historical Weather
– Normalized Weather Metrics (10, 20, and 30-year averages)

Fields Included:
– Date
– Latitude & Longitude of Location
– Average Daily Metrics (Temperature, RealFeel Temperature, Windspeed & Direction, etc.)
– Observed Metrics (Temperature, Relative Humidity, Cloud Cover Percentage, etc.)

Suggested Usage:
Every day, AccuWeather is assisting businesses around the world by providing crucial data and information to allow them to make the best weather-impacted decisions. A few examples include:
– Analyze the economic effects of weather by mapping historical weather data to current weather conditions to predict the potential impact on business operations.
– Use historical data to inform modeling for energy supply and production forecasts across hydropower, wind, and solar installations. Leverage historical data to predict energy demand from municipalities and industry.
– Combine historical data with past company data insights to inform projections for revenue and sales growth.
– Analyze how past weather has impacted consumer buying behavior. Better plan and position retail inventory by quickly adjusting distribution and operational needs to create new sales opportunities.
– Drive targeted advertising campaigns using historical weather data and forecasts.

About AccuWeather:
AccuWeather, recognized and documented as the most accurate source of weather forecasts and warnings in the world, has saved tens of thousands of lives and prevented hundreds of thousands of injuries and tens of billions of dollars in property damage. Partner, prepare and protect with greater confidence. Analyze weather forecasts with AccuWeather’s data on Snowflake.

About the Provider:

We combine weather data, technology, and human insight to improve lives and businesses.

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