Accutrend Data Corporation: Diversity or Minority-Owned Business Information

ADC-DIVERSITY, businesses that are distinguishable by diversity such as ethnicity or veteran status.


With Diversity Data from Accutrend, locating specific minority-owned businesses, including ethnicity, gender, year-established, and more, with over 1.3 million ADC Diversity Data records. As a data compiler, ADC is the first to collect and store data on minority businesses. Connect with specific minority-owned businesses, including Hispanic Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Veterans, Women, and many more.

Samples/Tables Included:

– Company Name

– Company Address

Fields Available:

– Company Name

– Contact Name

– Contact Title

– Gender

– Ethnicity

– Address (Street, City, State, Zip)

– Phone

– Email

– Ethnicity Owned

– Women Owned

– Veteran Owned

– Legal Description

– Year Established



Example Use Case:

ADC Diversity is best used to identify businesses with an owner that is identified with a minority diversity group based on ethnicity, gender, or veteran status to reach a target market or for lead generation.

About the Provider:

ADC is a B2B marketing information and intelligence company. For over 30 years it prides itself in delivering the most comprehensive and up-to-date business intelligence in the industry, empowering our clients to make business-building decisions and connections with business intelligence every day.

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