Accern: AI Powered Financial Filings Insights & Analytics

Instantly analyze and identify key company events in financial filings.


Accern’s SEC 10K and 10Q dataset extract key information and events related to financial performance, compliance, litigation, corporate activities, product development, governance changes, and more from all sections of the filing. These signals are the only commercially available dataset constructed using natural language processing techniques, powered by Accern AI Platform.

– History from 2004.
– The signals are updated as a new or amended SEC 10K/10Q is published by EDGAR.
– Coverage of Wilshire 5000 companies and sectors.
– Over 200 events.
– Companies are mapped using Bloomberg FIGIs and Tickers.
**Event coverage can be extended if required**

Accern’s financial filings NLP model has been built to cleanly parse each section of SEC 10K/10Q filings and extract highly relevant passages that contain discussions of various company events. The model then computes a sentiment along with several other analytics for each passage. (

Key Fields:
Section Filing
A full data dictionary can be found (

Use Cases:
Financial Services institutions (i.e. Banks, Insurance, and Asset Management Firms) can use the dataset to improve their analysts’ research efficiency, discover hidden insights, or as part of a quantitative investment strategy.

Building systematic trading strategies
The SEC 10Q/10K signals can be combined with other market data to forecast equity returns, prices, volatility, or changes in balance sheet KPIs. Customers can create predictions using the Accern Forecasting engine ( or other machine learning platforms.

Identifying changes in sentiment over time
The signals can be used to compare changes in the sentiment of reported events across different filing periods. A change in the perception of an event can provide early indicators of how specific key issues with the company are evolving.

Improving their research efficiency
An analyst can quickly identify critical areas to focus on by filtering on specific events in the filings.

About the Provider:

Accern provides Financial Services organizations with an end-to-end no-code platform to build AI solutions that extract, predict, link and organize all types unstructured and structured data (such as news, filings, and more).

Accern’s platform improves and automates existing business process as well as helps teams make better risk and investment decisions.

Accern offers over 400 ready-made AI Use Cases for Financial Services that can be customized and deployed in a few clicks.

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