Accern: AI Powered Credit Insights & Analytics

Improve your credit decisioning and risk processes by identifying adverse company events in the media.


Accern generates credit signals based on over a billion public news and social media content for companies, sectors and regions. A credit signal is identified for a company if an article contains mentions of negative news about credit events such as defaults, bankruptcy, covenant default, debt restructuring, rating downgrades, lawsuits, employment actions, analyst rating, downsizing, fraud events and many more, pertaining to a company.


  • History from 2014
  • Coverage of all US Companies and Sectors
  • Over 150 Credit Events (i.e. Bankruptcy, Legal Actions, Analyst Ratings, etc.)
  • Companies are mapped using Bloomberg FIGIs and Tickers

Coverage (e.g. private companies) and credit events can be extended if required


Accern’s credit NLP model has been trained on massive amounts of distressed company news and uses Accern’s knowledge graph. The model identifies only highly relevant articles and passages that contain discussions of credit risk issues. For each passage, the model then computes a credit sentiment along with a number of other analytics (

Update Frequency:

Near Real-time

About the Provider:

Accern accelerates AI workflows for enterprises with a no-code development platform. The best data teams from the world’s leading organizations, such as Allianz, IBM, and Jefferies, are using Accern to build and deploy AI solutions powered by our adaptive NLP and forecasting features. Headquartered in New York, NY, Accern is a Forbes 30 Under 30 company and venture-backed by Fusion Fund, Allianz Life Ventures, and many others. For more information on how we can accelerate AI adoption for your organization, visit

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