Data Modeler

What is a Data Modeler?

A data modeler maps complex software system designs to easily understood diagrams, using symbols and text to represent proper data flows. Data modelers often build multiple models for the same data to make sure all data flows and processes have been properly mapped. When complete, the final model can then be used as blueprint for new software development or to upgrade or re-engineer existing software or applications. For SQL database, there are many available SQL data modelers that can help simply data modeling tasks.

Snowflake and Data Modeling

The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform is ANSI SQL compliant, allowing customers to leverage a wide selection of SQL modeling tools. Snowflake also has introduced VARIANT, a new data type for semi-structured data storage (AVRO, JSON, XML, and others). With the Oracle SQL Developer Modeler (SDDM), developers can now more easily re-engineer or reconstruct Snowflake databases.