Data Catalog

A data catalog is a metadata management tool that helps users locate, and manage data stored in HR, finance, ERP, eCommerce, and various other online platforms. It helps organizations better manage data sources and drive data-driven business insights. Data catalog data is easy to organize in ways that are easily understandable to a wide range of business users both technical and non-technical.

With the explosion of big data and advent of enhanced data privacy regulations in recent years (with more to come), inventorying all this distributed data has become a real challenge. Data catalog tools reduce the amount of data silos in an organization and add valuable data governance and data asset management functions to improve data access and productivity.

Data Catalogs and the Snowflake Marketplace

The Snowflake Marketplace offers a free-membership marketplace that allows Snowflake customers to access data from providers and discover, access and generate insights.

With no need to transfer data via API or extract data to cloud storage, the platform improves data exchange control, speed, and security, making data integration and querying simple. By easily connecting to the Snowflake Marketplace from their Snowflake account, customers can instantly browse a data catalog to find and securely access data that they can then join with existing Snowflake data sets.