Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) is a process that automates code build and testing so developers can submit ongoing changes to a shared repository or main branch multiple times and still maintain version control.

Since many software development teams are geographically dispersed or isolated, continuous integration allows development to move faster and avoid merge conflicts, bugs, and duplication. CI always keeps the main branch up-to-date but can also facilitate the creation of short-term isolated side or feature branches for smaller changes that are then merged into the main branch.

Continuous Delivery (CD) extends the continuous integration concept to release environments with short development cycles.

Snowflake and Continuous Integration

The Snowflake Data Cloud provides the perfect environment for dataops and devops, including CI and CD. Created with dataops partner Datalyx, DataOps for Snowflake allows Snowflake customers to industrialize data pipelines in and around Snowflake. DataOps for Snowflake is available in Snowflake Partner Connect.