Migrations Master Class

Welcome to the Migrations Master Class: a free course for enterprise data architects and data analytics leaders on best practices to migrate to Snowflake. Through a combination of expert-written content, customer migration experiences, and details into the migration process, participants will learn:

  • Key steps to migrate to Snowflake
  • Expert tips to migrate to Snowflake from legacy systems
  • Benefits of migrating to Snowflake for your organization

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Introduction to the Snowflake Migration Master Class

2 Sessions

  • Greetings From Your Course Instructors

  • What is the Snowflake Platform?

Migrate from a Legacy Data Warehouse

7 Sessions

  • Teradata to Snowflake

  • Oracle to Snowflake

  • Netezza to Snowflake

  • Microsoft SQL Server to Snowflake

  • AT&T's Teradata Migration to Snowflake

  • ServiceNow's SAP HANA Migration to Snowflake

  • Siemens's SAP HANA Migration to Snowflake

Migrate from a Cloud Data Warehouse

4 Sessions

  • Tips to Migrate Workloads from Google BigQuery to Snowflake

  • Why Business Insider Migrated From BigQuery to Snowflake

  • Instacart's Journey of Migrating from Redshift to Snowflake

  • Why Lucid Migrated from Redshift to Snowflake—And How They Optimized Ad Spend

Migrate from Cloud Big Data or Hadoop

7 Sessions

  • AMN Healthcare's Databricks Migration to Snowflake

  • Sanofi's Spark Migration to Snowpark

  • Spark to Snowflake

  • Snowpark Price Performance

  • Autodesk's Spark & Athena Migration to Snowflake

  • Hadoop to Snowflake, Tips from PhData

  • Region's Bank Cloudera Hadoop Lake Migration to Snowflake

Resources to Migrate to Snowflake

5 Sessions

  • Migration Accelerated Initiative: Teradata to Snowflake

  • What is SnowConvert?

  • Snowflake Professional Services

  • Streamline Your Migration with Professional Services

  • From Legacy to Cloud: Snowflake's Roadmap to Migration Success