BI Analytics Bootcamp

Welcome to the BI Analytics Bootcamp for data analysts, a free course on the Data Cloud Academy designed to introduce you to the power of Snowflake and top business intelligence (BI) tools.

Through a combination of expert-led sessions, technical demos from BI analytics leaders, and deep-dives into the Snowflake Data Cloud, participants will learn how to:

  • Get started with 10 different BI tools, all of which integrate seamlessly with Snowflake
  • Use key Snowflake features paired with BI tools to achieve advanced analytics
  • Accomplish analytics use case across marketing, sales, finance, product and IT

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BI Analytics for Marketing

4 Sessions

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  • Customer Segmentation with ThoughtSpot

  • Marketing Campaigns with Domo

  • Marketing Spend Attribution with Mode

  • Modern Marketing Data Stack

BI Analytics for Sales

3 Sessions

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  • Sales Pipeline with Tableau

  • Retail Sales with Microsoft Power BI

  • Building Sales Analytics in the Cloud

BI Analytics for Finance

2 Sessions

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  • General Ledger with Sigma

  • Building Data-Driven Cloud Finance Management

BI Analytics for Product & IT

3 Sessions

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  • Product Usage with MicroStrategy

  • IT Incident Management with Qlik

  • Learn How Snowflake’s Own IT Department Built a Solution to Optimize Software Licenses

Trends to Watch: BI Semantic Layers

2 Sessions

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  • Learn about Semantic Layers with AtScale

  • Learn more Semantic Layers with Cube