We’re excited to announce that Snowflake’s annual user conference is back! The free conference will take place virtually June 8–10 and will feature major product announcements, customer sessions, technical deep-dives, hands-on labs, and more. 

Snowflake Summit 2021: Data Together Now was designed with the principle that data is everywhere, and unlocking its value is the key to your organization’s success. By attending Snowflake Summit, you’ll learn how the Data Cloud can help you unify, analyze, and share previously unreachable data to give your business a true competitive edge. 

How can Summit help you? 

No matter what role you have, Snowflake Summit will help you learn how to lead your organization to a data-driven future.

Executives: Thought leadership sessions will help you develop a plan for the future. You’ll also see detailed, impact-focused content that can help you get the most from the investments you’ve already made in data.

Database administrators and IT managers: Learn how to optimize your Snowflake investment and leverage your team to deliver more insights with less hassle. You’ll hear from other practitioners who are leading their teams to new heights with Snowflake’s Data Cloud. 

Data analysts: With BI leaders from many industries and multiple BI partner sessions, Snowflake Summit is the best place to find ideas for speeding time to insight and reducing unnecessary management overhead within your data ecosystem.

Application developers: Learn from Snowflake customers who are developing their data products and services on top of Snowflake’s platform to drive more efficiency and deliver a data-driven customer experience. 

Data scientists: Data scientists often spend most of their time loading and preparing data, taking time away from data modeling. Learn how data scientists use Snowflake to run scalable and accelerated machine learning workflows to provide actionable insights back to their business teams.

Data engineers: From real-time streaming using Snowpipe and Kafka to efficient ETL and ELT, learn how to approach data pipelines differently to empower more analysts, faster. You’ll learn how to consolidate your data in the Data Cloud to minimize cost and maximize speed. 

What will happen at the conference? 

Attendees will benefit from more than 70 different events throughout the two days of the conference.

Keynotes: Be inspired by executives and thought leaders as they share their vision and plans for the transformational power of data. 

Customer and partner sessions: Learn from your peers. Customers of all sizes and from nearly every industry continue to discover the value of the Snowflake platform. If you need to make it happen, there’s someone who’s done it before and is likely presenting at Snowflake Summit.

Hands-on labs: Experience instructor-led and self-paced lessons in our dedicated lab. Try new Snowflake features and approaches firsthand, with coaching from our experts.

Technical deep-dives: Snowflake first emerged in 2015 as a modern platform for a number of diverse analytic workloads. Attend persona-based sessions at Summit for DBAs and other IT experts, application developers, data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers.

Product announcements: Learn about the latest and greatest features coming from Snowflake around Snowflake Data Marketplace, data governance and privacy, extensible data pipelines, performance enhancements, and new connectors to partner solutions.

When is the conference taking place? 

Americas: June 8–9  | 9 a.m. PT  |  12 p.m. ET

Asia-Pacific: June 9–10  | 10 a.m. AEST  |  9 a.m. JST

Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: June 9–10  | 9 a.m. BST  |  10 a.m. CEST  |  1:30 p.m. IST

What’s the agenda?

Our agenda is tailored to each region:



Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India

Browse the agenda for your region using tags such as:

TOPIC: BI / Analytics, Data Lakes, Data Science / Machine Learning, Data Sharing, Extensible Data Pipelines, Governance & Security, Migrations, Performance & Optimization, Powered by Snowflake

INDUSTRY: Retail/CPG, Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Media, Entertainment, Advertising, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy, Travel and Hospitality

ROLE: Technical Executive, Business Executive, IT / DBA, BI / Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Application Developer

FORMAT: Executive Session, Technical Presentation, Virtual Hands-on-Lab, Product Deep-Dive

TECHNICAL LEVEL: Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced

There will be live Q&A on all scheduled sessions. Simply type your question into the chat function, and all responses will be shared with the entire audience. 

Who is speaking at the conference? 

Snowflake Summit will feature more than 70 speakers, including high-level executives and technical product experts at Snowflake. Our special keynote guest speakers are Molly Bloom, Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author of Molly’s Game, and Geoffrey Moore, Managing Director, Geoffrey Moore Consulting.

We’re also pleased to feature executives and technology professionals from a number of our customers and partners including JetBlue Airways, Kraft Heinz Company, Instacart, Sequoia Capital, Morgan Stanley, Salesforce, and CapGemini. 

What’s the cost?

Snowflake Summit is a virtual event that is free to all attendees!

Where’s the latest information?

Bookmark snowflake.com/summit to get the most up-to-date information on the conference. You can also follow and post with the hashtag #snowflakesummit on social media to get the latest news.