More than 18 months ago, Snowflake held its most recent Snowflake Summit, where data professionals from around the world met to share their data expertise and experiences. Since then, a lot has changed in our lives, in the data industry, and in all of the varied industries that rely on data for their success.

Now we can all get together again, virtually, at Data Cloud Summit 2020. Register here.

Data Cloud Summit offers exciting speakers and sessions in eight tracks that will educate you, inspire you, and empower you to take advantage of the virtually unlimited potential of data for your career and for your organization. Snowflake Chairman and CEO Frank Slootman will describe the rise of the Data Cloud, the global network where thousands of organizations mobilize data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance.

Christian Kleinerman, Snowflake’s Senior Vice President of Product, will announce exciting new product features and enhancements. You’ll hear real-life examples of how customers such as Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution, Direct-to-Consumer; Allianz Benelux; Sonos; and Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, LTD have become more data-driven with the Data Cloud.

With eight tracks and more than 40 sessions to choose from, you’ll find the content you need to empower you with knowledge and insights that will propel you forward in your career and ensure your organization’s success. It’s a unique opportunity to enhance your skills, interact with industry leaders, learn about new technologies and practices, and get inspiration for implementing state-of-the-art data practices. 

But data isn’t just about technology. It influences our lives, whether we know it or not, on a daily basis. Hear about this human perspective by joining us at Data Cloud Summit’s The Data Show, with Trevor Noah. Noah will describe the role of data in his decision-making and add a human perspective that will complement the technical content you’ll hear throughout the seminar.

Register now to choose sessions from the following tracks:

  • Headline: Hear from industry-leading speakers who will educate and inspire you.
  • Unlock the Value of the Data Cloud: Discover how to mobilize your data with the Data Cloud. 
  • Migrating to Snowflake: Implement migration best practices to optimize Snowflake within your organization and for your customers. 
  • Modernize Your Data Lake, Deliver Data Engineering at Scale: Learn about optimal data lake design, including built-in governance and extensible data pipelines.
  • Supercharge Your Analytics and Data Science: Unleash the power of machine learning and AI.
  • Build Data Apps and Data Products: Discover best practices for building data apps.
  • Industry Solutions Spotlight: Hear real-life examples of how retail, healthcare, and other industries use Snowflake to empower data-driven decision-making.
  • Mobilizing Your Data with Our Data Superheroes: Interact with Snowflake Data Superheroes and learn how to maximize the value of your Snowflake implementation.

We look forward to seeing you there!