Weather forecaster,, is the leading online weather portal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Up to 20 million users a month consult the app and desktop services to find out about current and upcoming weather conditions. In addition to the well-known B2C brand, the company is also active in the B2B sector and offers innovative weather data-based solutions as well as data-only weather services. 

Earlier this year, added its weather information to the Snowflake Marketplace to offer its data to a wider range of businesses in a more secure, easier way. Snowflake spoke to Stefan Bornemann, the COO of to find out how the company has expanded its customer base via the marketplace.

Rapidly accelerate setup from days to mere minutes

Companies across Europe use’s weather data for a variety of purposes, including classifying their business figures, planning deliveries across their supply chain, and targeting their marketing more effectively. Weather data can even be used to forecast consumer demand and ensure their retail locations have adequate inventory, for instance by making sure stores don’t run out of warm clothing ahead of a cold snap. 

“Just about every company can enrich its data analyses by adding weather forecasts or historical data to them,” says Stefan Bornemann, COO at 

But to receive this data, customers had to set up APIs to feed data streams into their systems, which could take several days of work. 

However, making it available on the Snowflake Marketplace eliminates the need for an API, reducing setup time from days to minutes. 

This was not the only improvement to the customer experience. For companies like comparison portal Verivox – a customer – the move meant that it no longer had to monitor and retrieve daily updates, as the data is readily available to users directly in Snowflake’s platform.

“We have been using Snowflake as our central data platform for
several years, so this integration means that’s datasets are now just a click away for us.”

Joachim Hefner, Vice President BI & Data Engineering at Verivox

The Snowflake Data Marketplace significantly extends’s B2B customer base 

With the Snowflake Marketplace, users can discover new datasets, access them seamlessly and purchase them instantly. The marketplace now offers over a thousand data offerings from over 200 data providers.

By joining the Snowflake Marketplace, can today share its weather data with a broad data ecosystem of Snowflake’s partners and customers. As a result, is now able to reach thousands of data-driven businesses, massively expanding its potential customer base, as well as create new revenue streams from its data products.

“Thanks to our offering, thousands of organizations can now easily access granular weather data through the Snowflake Marketplace.”

Stefan Bornemann, COO at