Sweeping changes in the cybersecurity industry have brought together two industry leaders in an exciting new partnership.

Increasingly, security organizations have found that their data volumes are poorly handled by traditional SIEM solutions, which also fail to deliver reliable threat detection in cloud and hybrid environments. Meanwhile, data analytics teams have had tremendous success migrating from on-premises data warehouses to cloud data platforms. Could these new platforms with their inexpensive storage and fast queries finally remove the limitations on security automation and visibility?

Early attempts by organizations to build a security data lake involved long and expensive projects. Most were not satisfied with the results. They found that dumping security logs in a data lake and applying general-purpose analytics did not achieve the results they were after. They also found challenges in ingesting, enriching, and formatting the data so that it would be useful for their use cases. Ultimately, most attempts failed to translate the threat detection requirements to the appropriate queries, machine learning models, and visualizations. 

Many of these challenges have already been solved by SIEM vendors. Knowledge about how to handle security data and translate security use cases into data analytics is highly valuable and is something that SIEM solutions have incorporated over the years. But does that justify having to adopt the limited and costly architecture that comes with those solutions? Must security teams choose between subject matter expertise with a long list of limitations and starting from scratch with a scalable data platform?

Instead, what if you could have the best of both worlds, with a security analytics solution capable of plugging into an organization’s existing cloud data platform?

That’s what the “Bring Your Own Snowflake” solution from Securonix delivers. The Securonix platform addresses the security analytics requirements, including off-the-shelf data collection and threat detection capabilities. It supports data enrichment and intuitive search. It also connects the threat detection analytics to the complete security operations workflow, including built-in incident response automation in Securonix SOAR.

By delivering these capabilities on top of your existing instance of Snowflake Data Cloud, as shown in the following diagram, Securonix can cost-effectively collect all security data regardless of size or complexity. Snowflake’s unique architecture separates storage from compute, so even high volume EDR telemetry and virtual private cloud (VPC) flow logs can be ingested. By instantly scaling up with virtually unlimited compute resources, Snowflake enables timely investigation across petabytes of security data in a single tier. Some of the most sophisticated security operations (SecOps) teams in the world have built their security program on Snowflake to gain complete visibility, more- accurate detections, and better automation.

This model solves many challenges that were previously seen as unsolvable. You can now easily correlate between security and business data sets. You can overcome the challenges of securing multi-cloud environments. And you can do all this while enjoying substantial cost savings over traditional SIEM solutions. When you consider what your security program could achieve without limitations on data collection, storage, or analytics, you might be as excited as we are about the Securonix Bring Your Own Snowflake solution.