There is a fundamental shift happening in advertising programmatic ad buying extending its impact from display to all platforms. Data-driven algorithms drive media optimization to display the right messages to the right audiences across the web, TV streaming devices, or wherever they are. While the basics of advertising (show an ad to a prospective buyer and entice the person to take action)have not changed, targeting the right person, with the right creative message, at a relevant time has become increasingly difficult.  

Advertisers are eager to adopt new channels if it means better chances of catching their prospects at the right time, but doing it cost-effectively is increasingly difficult. That’s why The Trade Desk has been so successful in beating Wall Street projections. 

The Trade Desk provides a software platform that helps advertisers execute data-driven marketing campaigns across display, mobile, video, audio, and Connected TV channels. And now, The Trade Desk has joined the Snowflake Data Exchange as a data partner to make log-level bidding events available to its customers in real time using its Raw Event Data Stream (REDS).

By leveraging Snowflake, The Trade Desk customers can access their data in a safe, secure manner at the event level when executing campaigns. This cross-channel, log-level data enables marketing campaign managers, ad buyers, and marketing analytics teams to run full-funnel attribution and improve data analysis. This advanced analytics environment has the added benefit of keeping the data in a single place, adding an extra layer of privacy compliance.

The bottleneck in any marketing operations and analytics role is getting access to accurate, granular data in a timely manner. By joining the Data Exchange, The Trade Desk is empowering its users to reduce time to insights, improve campaign results, and get higher ROI for their marketing investments. Importantly, the data does not move out of the safe, secure analytics environment.

The Trade Desk and Snowflake customers who want to take advantage of this new offering should contact their account manager to start improving their advertising buying operations today.