Gift guides come in all shapes and sizes. There are shopper’s guides for sporting goods and wine, aimed at travelers and crafty types, and offering electronics or candy. Since there is no gift guide we’re aware of for data buyers, this is our chance to create the first such guide. 

Is your wife, best friend, or dad a nerd? No, not that kind of nerd, not an over-the-counter nerd, a data nerd! If so, this stuff will stuff their stocking but good. Remember Sears’ Wish Book? Like that, but for data and services. Set your loved one down with ballpoint pen or Sharpie, ready to circle what they want to unwrap on Christmas morning, or Hanukkah evening, or Kwanzaa afternoon.


  • Larry and Laurel, the mathematics prodigy twins. We don’t always understand our children, especially when they love math the same way we love white cheddar popcorn. But we can understand their desire to help the environment and to insist on corporate social responsibility. Slip these incomprehensible data treats under the tree and watch their eyes light up and their hearts spin around like a firework. 
  • FactSet: TruValue Labs SASB Scores Datafeed. Short-term, long-term, and momentum external stakeholder insight scores are generated for 26 ESG categories defined by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, along with an overall score and a volume score. Is this really a stocking stuffer or is this more a Hot Wheels set replete with a loop track? That’s for you to decide. 
    • S&P Global Market Intelligence: S&P Global ESG Scores. Have fun with this environmental, social, and governance data set that provides company-level, dimension-level, and criteria-level scores based on the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment process, an annual evaluation of companies’ sustainability practices. Please note that this data set is so fun, there is a slight fainting risk for kids under 10 (and olds over 50). 
    • Knoema: ESG Data Pack. Are you an enterprise seeking to streamline the incorporation, maintenance, and delivery of public ESG-related indicators by country? Then have fun with this free snap-together kit of over 1.5 million indicators such as GHG emissions, trade in fossil fuels, Environment Performance Index, global temperature anomalies, percent of children exploited for  child labor, gender income gap, and Universal Human Rights Index. 
  • Your sister, Hertzkringl, who adores shopping. For some, such as your sister, shopping is not a necessity, it’s the personal economics equivalent of an ultramarathon. With your gifts, she will pulverize the competition. 
  • Safegraph: Safegraph Foot Traffic Foot Patterns — U.S. A weekly updated data set containing aggregated foot traffic metrics to individual points of interest (POI), including visits and unique visitors, other visit destinations, median distance from home, and median dwell time. Entire U.S. data set contains metrics for over 4 million POI and is available for download in all regions. Bonus: Contains thousands of additional mentions of the word foot
    • Funnel: All Your Marketing and Sales Data. Data from every source you need, normalized into one table with the full granularity intact. This tool automatically collects, cleans, and groups the data from all of your advertising, marketing, sales, and CRM platforms. Funnel frees technical teams from tedious data manipulation tasks and allows them to focus on higher-value activities, such as improving the data model and mining the data for patterns. Are we going to forget to mention that it also maximizes fun? We are not.  
    • Experian: Retail Audiences. No single factor can improve the results of a campaign like an audience of proven responders. Think of these as action figures and dolls that have been tested by real kids and stamped with their fun-time seal of approval. The audiences you get are created with detailed granularity to give ultimate control in developing targeted audiences to drive your marketing campaigns. 
  • Jehobath, the future supply chain manager. Who doesn’t enjoy playing with trucks? No one, that’s who. But Jehobath and his ilk go far beyond pushing a bulldozer around in the dirt or sailing a paper boat down a creek. There’s nothing they like as much as taking playtime to its logical conclusion. Nothing floats their boat like floating, and then propelling, their container ship, train, or truck, from port to port, unloading it and distributing it efficiently. These days, there are few vocations that are so full of Sturm und Drang. 
  • AccuWeather: Actionable Weather Forecasts. Playing in the sun, playing in the mud: They can both be fun if you’re prepared for them. Using over 170 forecast models from around the world, employing over 100 parameters, along with meteorologist insights, AccuWeather provides current conditions, daily forecasts up to 45 days, and hourly forecasts up to 240 hours—actionable business insights that enhance safety, improve performance, reduce risk, and protect revenue. 
    • FactSet: Supply Chain Relationships. This feed provides access to the complex networks of companies’ key customers, suppliers, competitors, and strategic partners, collected from annual filings, investor presentations, and press releases. Finally, your li’l supply chain analyst will be able to answer the question, “Who let the dogs out?” 
    • S&P Global Market Intelligence: Panjiva. S&P’s Panjiva uses machine learning technologies to surface key insights from unstructured customs import and export shipping data and resolves entities to their parent company for your analysis. This covers about 40% of global merchandise traded by dollar value—over 1 billion shipment records from 17 countries and 13 million company-to-company relationships for a comprehensive view of the global marketplace. Think of this as the game of life, if life were mostly shipping puffy jackets and sugared cereals. 
  • Distant relatives and their dates. If you find yourself face-to-face with a last-minute gift need for a relative your mom keeps talking about but you wouldn’t know from Adam, or a relative’s almost-certain short-term relationship you’re obliged to pretend is the love of their life, we have you covered. 
    • Uncle Gerb, the sports know-it-all. Poor Uncle Gerb won’t shut up about sports. However, because his passion outstrips his knowledge, he gets his clock cleaned regularly during fantasy football. Give the poor man a chance by wrapping up the ThoughtSpot: 2021 Fantasy Football Data and sticking it under the tree for him. 
    • Cousin Nerf, the outdoorsy guy. No one in the family has bounced down quite as many mountains, canyons, and cliffs as Nerf. You may not be able to keep him from being chewed on by a Great White during his upcoming Channel Islands Shark Hugging Festival, but at least you can keep him out of the lightning fields and flash flood–prone arroyos with S&P Global Market Intelligence: Weather Source.  
    • Gambly-Joe Jeeters, Aunt Glermda’s “friend.” Given Joe’s dedication to cards, dice, and the sports book, you might as well stick the Knoema: U.S. Gambling Data Pack into an envelope for him before you drop him off at Hollywood Park Casino on Christmas night. 

These are just some samples of what you can find in our comprehensive Data Marketplace. The best part? When you access data and services from the Snowflake Data Marketplace, you get direct access to the data. So no more waiting around for ETL pipelines or integrations to get set up (which is perfect for you last-minute data shoppers out there).Start a Snowflake account and enjoy the joy of data shopping!