How much more value would your customers get if you added self-serve analytics to your offerings? What value would you get from listening to leading companies that have already done so with Snowflake?

Summit 2019’s Enabling Developers Track will focus on how businesses can distinguish themselves by building unique data products and services with Snowflake. Traditionally, companies have used data warehouses for the business intelligence function: to query, digest and analyze data internally. With its dynamic elasticity, Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse can enable much more.

The Enabling Developers Track includes sessions led by Snowflake experts as well as customers who are architecting new ways to leverage their data. Snowflake experts will discuss how its platform can serve as the backbone of a product or service, including:

  • Key product capabilities used for building applications on Snowflake including various connectors, Zero Copy Cloning, Time Travel, Multi-cluster warehouse and workload isolation
  • Best practices for developing analytics applications on Snowflake
  • Tips on building a successful product, Real-world use cases illustrating the art of the possible

Here are some of Snowflake’s customers who will share their success stories:

Square had its Weebly team build a platform on top of Square’s warehouse that gives data consumers self-service data engineering capabilities, decreasing manual labor and the need for advanced skills to build data pipelines.

Lacework used unique Snowflake features to build a cloud security and compliance app that surfaces data from Snowflake’s data warehouse to meet customers’ critical security needs. Speed and scalability were important requirements for a company that performs a business-critical function.

Sendgrid built a powerful customer-facing application on Snowflake’s data warehouse that helps businesses send out large volumes of marketing emails. Sendgrid can capture the data in Snowflake and use it to run queries that help better segment and communicate to customers.

Cross Screen Media is developing a platform that uses Snowflake data to help customers better plan and target video media advertisements online and in local markets. They can iterate quickly and scale without having to build infrastructure.

Whether you’re an IT expert interested in how you can use Snowflake beyond traditional BI, an application developer already using Snowflake in your apps and looking for tips, or a company executive searching for new ways to expand the value of your Snowflake deployment, the Enabling Developers Track will deliver insights to help you get greater value from your data.