We’re thrilled to announce that Snowflake’s annual user conference is back in person this year! 

The live event—our largest user conference to date—will take place June 13-16 in Las Vegas. It will feature exciting new product announcements, informative executive keynotes, customer sessions, technical demos, hands-on labs, and an exposition floor where thousands of Snowflake’s partners, customers, and industry peers will gather to network, collaborate, and obtain essential knowledge about Snowflake and emerging trends in data and analytics.

Snowflake Summit 2022: The World of Data Collaboration was designed to showcase how organizations are making big gains in business by sharing and leveraging data in the Snowflake Data Cloud. At Snowflake Summit, you’ll learn how the Data Cloud can help you access, integrate, share, and analyze data securely—both within and outside of your organization—to gain a competitive advantage. 

Here’s what you need to know to prepare for this year’s conference:

Why should you attend Summit?

With more than 250 sessions, no matter your role, Snowflake Summit has a track for you. Choose a track based on your areas of focus to get information, advice, and best practices tailored to your specific needs and goals: 

Business executives: Take your pick of more than 25 sessions of executive-level content featuring leaders from Snowflake, our customers, and our partners. Schedule time to meet with Snowflake executives to discuss how your organization can grow in the Data Cloud. Take a break in the Executive Lounge, where you can meet other leaders over refreshments.

Developers: Connect with and learn from developers building their applications in the Data Cloud, including our first ever developer-focused Applications Keynote. Attend technical sessions and real-life demos in the Dev Zone. Show your coding skills, learn something new, and win awesome swag!

Data engineers: Learn from other data engineers how to optimize your practice, simplify and improve your data pipelines, and explore new possibilities for modern data engineering. Watch never-before-seen demos, hang out in the Dev Zone, and try the three hands-on labs in the Data Engineering and Pipelines track. 

Data scientists: Drive more value from your data with scalable data and machine learning (ML) practices. Join five new hands-on labs as part of the Data Science/ML track, and meet on-site with our data science experts and community Data Superheroes.

IT/DBAs: Dive into a dedicated track on operating and optimizing Snowflake, featuring two new hands-on labs. Visit the expo hall to watch never-before-seen demos and sign up to get SnowPro certified at a highly discounted rate.

Technical executives: Schedule time to meet with Snowflake executives to discuss how you can grow in the Data Cloud. Take a break from adding technical breakout sessions by visiting the Executive Lounge in Caesars Palace, where you can meet other leaders over refreshments.

BI/Analysts: Interact with BI leaders, data analysts, and Snowflake product experts. Meet with Snowflake’s Data Heroes at the dedicated community spaces and expo hall. Take advantage of on-site training and discounted certification offers.

Project managers: Learn from product leaders across industries who are accelerating their time to market, differentiating their products, and unlocking new revenue streams by building their applications in the Data Cloud. Visit the Dev Zone and hear firsthand from many of Snowflake’s customers. 

You can also attend sessions based on your technical level with one of these four tracks:

Introductory: Whether you’re new to Snowflake or want to do more, introductory sessions are a great way to build a foundation of all the latest and greatest from Snowflake. Hear from customers and Snowflake experts about how you can take Snowflake to the next level.

Intermediate: Get more in depth on Snowflake’s new enhancements and see how you can incorporate them into your business. Also hear directly from experts on best practices so you can get started faster.

Advanced: Get a look under the hood to see how Snowflake has designed and implemented new capabilities, learn the latest when it comes to optimizing what you’re running today, and get firsthand tips and tricks from these more advanced and technical sessions.

Non-Technical: The Snowflake Data Cloud is driving huge value for organizations around the world. Hear their stories and see how you can break down silos and get more out of your data with Snowflake.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn all about how the Data Cloud can advance your organization’s goals on a business and technical level from Snowflake experts, customers, and partners via executive panels, technical deep dives, hands-on labs, and more. You’ll also be the first to hear about new product enhancements and what’s next at Snowflake. (Don’t forget to bring your laptop to take notes and participate in the demos and labs!) 

Choose sessions from 10 different tracks that reveal the technical and business capabilities and benefits of the Data Cloud across industries, departmental use cases, and critical data workloads. 

What’s new with Snowflake: Learn more about our newest features and understand how the enhancements to the Data Cloud, and new areas of development, will make you rethink what’s possible with Snowflake. 

Executive insights: Join fellow senior IT and business leaders, and Snowflake industry experts, as they detail specific industry use cases they’ve enabled with the Data Cloud. Learn how they discover and use insights to address business challenges, better know and serve their customers, and create new business opportunities.

Modern data architectures: Hear from Snowflake CTOs, partners, and customers about how the Data Cloud supports multiple architectural patterns such as data lake, data mesh, and others to support your current and future data strategies. 

Data engineering: Join this track to hear Snowflake customers reveal how they develop faster and more reliable data pipelines to increase productivity, boost performance, and empower data teams. You’ll also get tips and best practices for data engineering at scale.

Application development: Learn how to develop high performance applications, choose from different models of application deployment, and take advantage of the Data Cloud’s many features to accelerate time to market, scale your applications, and grow your business.

Operating and optimizing Snowflake: Learn how administrators use the Data Cloud to easily and efficiently facilitate new workloads, data types, and users while enabling data privacy, architecting for a resilient platform, and much more. 

Data science and machine learning: To capture the most value from data using ML, organizations need to streamline and operationalize their ML workflows. Learn how the Data Cloud empowers data teams to collaboratively build scalable and repeatable processes that enable their organizations to move ML projects from experimentation to production at scale. 

Collaboration: Discover how to modernize your organization by using the Data Cloud to easily and securely collaborate with data across your business units, and with your partners and customers. Enable users to seamlessly access and provide data no matter where it resides.

Accelerating analytics: Hear how industry-leading organizations such as yours use the Data Cloud’s latest performance innovations to analyze varying data types and deliver interactive dashboards, real-time visualizations, and much more, at speed. 

Cybersecurity: Learn how the Data Cloud enables security teams to gain visibility across a vast landscape of data to discover potential threats, where they’re coming from, and their methods of attack. You’ll also learn how to enable your security data lake with the Data Cloud.

Hands-on labs: If you’re the type that learns by doing, then don’t miss the hands-on labs at Summit. Explore real-world scenarios and get dedicated time with expert instructors. Labs are 2 hours long each, and you’ll get access to helpful, step-by-step lab guides that outline how best to use Snowflake and partner technologies. Get all your questions answered, learn how to optimize workloads and use cases, and polish up your technical skills.

What’s the agenda?

Explore the agenda for all four days of the conference here. You can peruse the 250-plus sessions by time, track, topic, role, technical level, industry, session format, customer participation, and location.

Who are the speakers?

Snowflake Summit will feature more than 300 speakers, including high-level executives and technical product experts at Snowflake as well as our partners and customers, who will share deep insights from their Data Cloud experiences. CEO Frank Slootman, Co-founder and President of Product Benoit Dageville, CMO Denise Persson, and SVP of Product Christian Kleinerman will speak at four of the five keynotes. View the full list of speakers here

Will there be networking opportunities?

Anyone who has been to a Snowflake conference before knows there are plenty of chances to network throughout the day. But this year, after two years of pandemic living, we’re making sure there are even more opportunities for attendees to connect with others. These include daily networking parties and happy hours, on the expo floor, and in the Dev Zone, Industry Pavillion, Customer Experience Center, and our Ask the Expert Lounge. 

What’s the cost?

Register now until June 11 to get our discounted rate of $1,795. At the door, the cost is $1,995. 

Where’s the latest information?

Bookmark snowflake.com/summit to get the most up-to-date information on the conference. You can also follow and post with the hashtag #snowflakesummit on social media to get the latest news.