In early October, Snowflake announced the expansion of its Seattle office and welcomed two new engineers, Polita and Murali, to the rapidly growing team. We sat down with Polita and Murali to get some insights into their individual career paths and find out what ultimately drew them to Snowflake.

Snowflake Senior Engineer, Polita, wanted to be part of Snowflake’s customer-first culture.

In February 2017, Polita was happily working at a major software company in the Seattle area. It had been her home for more than 15 years, and she wasn’t looking to go anywhere else.

But then she came upon an exciting opportunity: come work at a startup that is fundamentally changing the way organizations work with data.

“I knew that Snowflake is a company with a great future,” Polita said. “The leadership and employees are so passionate about this important product they’re building. This was such a compelling opportunity to join a company that cares so much about the customer that I couldn’t turn it down.”

Today, Polita is a senior engineer working on security and identity in Snowflake’s new Seattle office. She says the way the company responds to customer needs is unique in the industry.

“I’m working on a feature specifically because a customer asked for it, and I know why they need it,” she says. “It’s not always the case that you can be this connected to the customer and their ‘why,’ but at Snowflake, I am. And that shows in the product that we ultimately build.”


Snowflake Senior Engineer, Murali, returns to databases to find a whole new world.

After beginning his career in databases, Murali explored other areas in tech. He worked at several high-profile companies before deciding that he wanted to get back to his database roots. After all, it’s an exciting time to be working with data.

“Organizations are producing so much more data than ever before, and that data is key to their success. But how can they process all of it?” Murali said. “These realities have changed the way we think about databases, and I was really impressed with the way Snowflake is applying this thinking to the cloud.”

Murali had worked with a few Snowflake employees in previous jobs, and had a lot of respect for their smarts. After he dove into the product, he was equally impressed. He joined the company as a software engineer in September 2017 and went to work on improving data ingestion in Snowflake.

“Snowflake, because of the way it’s architected in the cloud from the ground up, is ideal for helping customers get insight into their data,” he said. “The product has been around for about three years, and it is phenomenal how extensible and reliable it is. It really does make data easier to organize and manage for all kinds of customers.”

As Snowflake continues to grow in Seattle, we are looking for brilliant and dedicated engineers and product managers to join our team. Check the Snowflake Careers page for current openings.