Did you miss Snowflake’s Retail and CPG Data Analytics Forum? Fear not: All sessions are now available to watch on demand!

During the event, customers and partners shared how the Data Cloud helped them rapidly adapt to the new retail environment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Long-term trends such as digitalization and ecommerce, higher customer expectations, and supply chain transformation accelerated over the past year. Businesses with a strong data foundation were able to quickly launch new digital capabilities and services while those stuck with legacy infrastructures and data in silos suffered. The lesson learned: Going forward, businesses have to invest in their data foundation today if they wish to have a chance to compete tomorrow.

Here are some highlights from the forum you can watch anytime:

Fireside Chat with Under Armour

Patrick Duroseau, Vice President, Enterprise Data Management at Under Armour, speaks with Snowflake’s Global Head of Retail & CPG, Rosemary Hua, on how the Data Cloud enables a single source of data for the enterprise, powering customer 360 initiatives and optimizing supply chain operations. “The goal is to have a single source of truth and trusted data that is normalized for use cross-functionally,” said Duroseau. “The more data we can have, the more robust our decisioning and modeling can be.” 

How Snowflake and Tableau Enabled MOD Pizza to Transform Through the Pandemic

MOD Pizza’s Senior Director of BI, Jason Judge, discusses the company’s rapid digital transformation during the pandemic. He details a use case in which the IT department used Snowflake and Tableau to conduct fast COVID-19 contact tracing for employees, enabling the intake team to identify individuals exposed to a positive COVID case within seconds and alert them immediately. “This not only saved time but also increased our accuracy when we’re dealing with people’s health,” said Judge. “We were able to impact people’s health and safety…and preserve the safety of our squad members and our customers.” 

How a Strong Data Foundation at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. Enables CX & Personalization 

1-800-Flowers.com’s CIO, Arnold Leap, discusses how building a data foundation with Snowflake and Microsoft Azure has enabled exponential growth in data consumption across the organization. The foundation provided a single, governed source of truth for transactional data and customer data. “The challenge was ‘How do you get the data all in one place and [govern] it in a repetitive and controlled fashion?’ Snowflake allows us to do that,” said Leap. 

Snowflake Data Marketplace for Retail and CPG 

Our presentation on Snowflake Data Marketplace is filled with insights from data experts from Ibotta, Weather Source, and SafeGraph, which all provide data relevant to retail and CPG companies in Snowflake Data Marketplace. Each expert discusses the benefits of analyzing third-party data and presents demos on how customers are using their data along with Snowflake to uncover insights. 

Powering CPG Sales and Commercial Transformation with AI in the Data Cloud 

Executives from Capgemini share perspectives from the market and unique ways they’re helping clients deliver value via the Snowflake Data Cloud. In a live demo, they present the functionality they’ve successfully deployed to help retailers and CPG companies with personalization, merchandising, and the supply chain.

Accelerated Digital Transformation Journey Across Physical and Digital Channels with Infosys & Snowflake

Executives from Infosys detail how the company delivers a flexible data foundation for its clients by leveraging AWS and the Snowflake Data Cloud, and they also discuss key trends from the omnichannel perspective in retail. 

Transform Capabilities from Delivering Information to Delivering Insights

Experts from Cognizant look at key transformation trends in data intelligence in retail, including a deep dive into AI and analytics. They also discuss some recent digital transformation journeys and how Cognizant has helped modernize customers’ data ecosystems with retail-focused tools and accelerators.

Advanced Retail Use Cases with Analytics Automation and the Data Cloud

Through three use cases, Alteryx and Snowflake show customers how they can use automated analytics to enable inventory and merchandising optimization, dynamic SKU-level forecasting, and location-based digital marketing.

To access all of the sessions from the forum, visit our on-demand recordings. And don’t forget to join our virtual hands-on lab with Microsoft Power BI, August 25. Register here.