Did you miss Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud Summit, or are you interested in rewatching or sharing a session? Fear not: All sessions are now available to watch on demand.

The online conference featured Snowflake executives, customers, and partners showcasing how the Media Data Cloud enables advertising, media, and entertainment businesses to build a new data foundation that delivers better customer experiences and business outcomes while taking a proactive stance toward privacy and protecting consumer data.

Our media, entertainment, and advertising customers discussed how using Snowflake and the Media Data Cloud enabled them to keep up with industry trends, such as changing consumer behaviors, new regulations, and continuously shifting ecosystem standards. 

Here are the links to the session recordings, which you can watch anytime:

Welcome to the Snowflake Media Data Cloud

Customers and partners discuss how the Media Data Cloud provides a strong foundation and enables data agility to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Snowflake Product Demo: The Media Data Cloud

See how the Media Data Cloud drives business growth through improved data and analytics. Learn how Snowflake’s data clean room technology enhances data privacy and data governance, and how the Media Data Cloud can help reduce the cost of subscriber acquisition as well as improve retention.

Live Snowflake Customer Q&A with Warner Music Group

Join executives from Warner Music Group and Snowflake as they discuss the trends facing the music industry, the need for seamless access to data, and the role of the Media Data Cloud in driving innovation. We will be taking live questions from the audience during this session.

How OpenX Delivers Granular Campaign Analytics with the Data Cloud

Hear from OpenX on how it is leveraging the Data Cloud to share log-level data at scale, enabling marketers to combine this data with a wealth of other sources to measure and optimize the impact of their investments.

How Choreograph Is Building a Data Mesh with Snowflake to Deliver Superior Outcomes for Clients

Learn how Choreograph, WPP’s newly formed global data products and technology company, is leveraging the Data Cloud to create governed “customer zones” where clients and agencies can collaborate and partner at a deeper level.

Improving Subscriber Acquisition and Retention with Third-Party Data

Learn how, with Snowflake’s 800-plus data listings from more than 200 data partners, companies across the media industry are accessing live, ready-to-query data and services to improve their subscriber acquisition and retention. 

Deploying a Privacy-Safe Data Clean Room in the Cloud

Join Amazon Web Services (AWS) in this session to learn about a new solution that helps marketers, media companies, agencies, and technology companies accelerate deployments of Snowflake data clean rooms for audience enrichment, segmentation, marketing measurement, and attribution with AWS. 

Experian Enables Native Identity Resolution Within Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud

How can you leverage your most sensitive data without compromising security? Learn how Experian Identity Resolution, natively integrated into Snowflake’s clean room platform, enables organizations to match data, unlock real-time insights, and drive in-the-moment, informed marketing decisions. Join Experian Marketing Services to learn more about identity resolution within Snowflake and explore the use cases that are resonating most with clients.

Slalom and Snowflake Data Clean Rooms: Making the Most of Your Customer Data, Securely

Discover how Slalom’s capabilities around Snowflake clean rooms allow organizations to securely share and enrich first-party data without exposing personally identifiable information. You’ll learn how Slalom can help you overcome media data challenges in a cookie-less world and generate real, secure audience insights from your data using Snowflake data clean rooms.

Solving for Privacy Challenges with PrivateEye

Learn about LTI’s PrivateEye, a privacy solution that operates within Snowflake’s walls and improves compliance by automating the process of flagging and identifying privacy-related data. This Media Cloud-specific privacy solution empowers customers with the ability to mask and protect their data assets dynamically.

Transform Insights into Action with VideoAmp’s Campaign Optimizer

How can you holistically measure and optimize advertising performance to maximize return on investment? Join this session to learn how VideoAmp’s Campaign Optimizer transforms insights into action by connecting advertisers with their most valuable audiences across channels. VideoAmp’s platform, which is Powered by Snowflake, provides measurement and optimization tools that unify audiences across disparate systems to create efficiencies for the entire industry. 

Capgemini Consumer Identity Data Mesh

How can brands leverage a private, data-driven process to optimize retention while reducing acquisition costs and delivering service excellence? Join Capgemini to learn about its approach to bringing first- and third-party data providers together to seamlessly exchange data in a privacy-friendly way to generate insights. You’ll also see a demonstration of the power of a clean room.

Redefine What Is Possible Across Your Media and Marketing Practice with Snowflake and DataRobot

Learn how the collective power of Snowflake Media Data Cloud and DataRobot’s AI Cloud platform can help media publishers, marketers, and advertising technology providers leverage an end-to-end AI experience to tackle some of the industry’s greatest challenges.

Fireside Chat with The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk and Snowflake explore the future of data-driven advertising and how marketers are taking control of their data to increase personalization, measure attribution, and drive growth. Learn more about how the Snowflake Media Data Cloud is enabling a new set of capabilities for marketers.

To learn more about how the Snowflake Media Data Cloud can ensure privacy, deliver value, and drive growth for your company, visit Snowflake for Media, Entertainment, and Advertising.