As more enterprises migrate to the cloud, the role of powerful and usable analytics has become increasingly critical in generating high-value insights from their data. To continue democratizing data access and expanding the value of the Snowflake Data Cloud, Snowflake Ventures has invested in ThoughtSpot, a leading search and AI-driven analytics platform built for the cloud era.

ThoughtSpot’s platform enables all users within an organization to tap into the power of data, regardless of their technical sophistication. Using simple natural language to create new data-driven insights or surface existing queries, ThoughtSpot is intuitive enough for business users yet scalable enough to handle the largest, most complex enterprise data. 

Our investment builds on Snowflake’s existing partnership with ThoughtSpot as part of its transformation to a cloud-first company that has enabled joint customers like Hulu, Capital One, Medtronic, Canadian Tire, and Nationwide Building Society to quickly search, analyze and act on business intelligence data in a robust, high-performance cloud environment. 

The partnership between Snowflake and ThoughtSpot is underpinned by a strong alignment on the importance of bringing more people into the data economy. As ThoughtSpot continues to deepen its integrations with Snowflake’s platform, we anticipate great strides towards a future in which users at every level of an organization transform how they work with the power of data.
For more information on our investment focus, visit the Snowflake Ventures website, here.