According to Infosys, 35% of AI projects will either fail or experience delays because of poor data quality. There’s a huge gap between the data quality most companies have by default and the data quality needed for successful AI. And that gap is directly affecting the performance and reliability of AI systems everywhere.

As organizations expand their use of Snowflake to build and deploy new AI-powered data applications, comprehensive data observability is critical to success. With a data observability tool in their data stack, our customers can monitor all dimensions of data quality from data sources to consumption, ensuring that they can quickly identify and address issues or abnormalities that may arise with their data. 

We’re excited to announce today that Snowflake has invested in Metaplane, a leading end-to-end data observability platform that helps data teams improve the quality and performance of their data.

Metaplane ensures that every company can trust the data that powers their business. By continuously monitoring metrics, metadata, lineage, and logs from across your data infrastructure and using ML-based anomaly detection to detect issues, they help data teams know about and resolve issues quickly.

Metaplane already offers powerful data observability capabilities for the Data Cloud, and following this investment, the company plans to deepen its integration to provide even broader support for Snowflake telemetry. This includes coverage for data pipelines and app capabilities such as Snowpark, Snowpark Container Services, Snowflake Native Apps, Streamlit, and more. 

With these enhancements, Metaplane will be able to consume an even wider range of Snowflake telemetry and metadata to provide even more value to customers. Snowflake users will be able to see not only which issues arise with their applications and data, but why they arose and how to address them.

In order to accelerate the adoption of data observability by all Snowflake users, Metaplane will also build a Snowflake Native App, meaning it can be deployed and managed directly within the Snowflake platform. That opens the door to even richer experiences and will allow customers to take full advantage of Metaplane without having to move or copy their data outside of the secure, governed environment of their Snowflake account.

As we continue to build out the engineering and developer capabilities in our platform, observability will remain a critical area of focus to ensure the best experience for our users. Our goal, as always, is to provide customers with the option to choose the tools and technologies that best suit their unique needs. 

We look forward to deepening our partnership with Metaplane and will share further details about the exciting new capabilities they are building as our work together unfolds.

Learn more about Snowflake and Metaplane’s integration capabilities here.