As Large Language Models are revolutionizing natural language prompts, Large Vision Models (LVMs) represent another new, exciting frontier for AI. An estimated 90% of the world’s data is unstructured, much of it in the form of visual content such as images and videos. Insights from analyzing this visual data can open up powerful new use cases that significantly boost productivity and efficiency, but enterprises need sophisticated computer vision technologies to achieve this.

One of the leaders in this area is Landing AI, a company founded by globally recognized AI expert Andrew Ng. Landing AI provides an intuitive software platform that allows enterprises to leverage generative AI for computer vision technologies at scale, to uncover new insights and drive innovation from proprietary image and video data.

Snowflake and Landing AI are already partners, and we’re excited to announce today that we are deepening our relationship with an investment in Landing AI. Through this next phase of partnership, customers will be able to leverage Landing AI’s computer vision capabilities natively on Snowflake via Snowpark Container Services and Snowflake Native Apps. This will enable the building of powerful, custom-built computer vision solutions that process images and videos at scale, all within the secure, governed boundary of the Data Cloud. 

The use cases for AI and computer vision are as varied as they are powerful. LandingLens is built from the ground up for enterprise use cases, with an intuitive workflow that allows data teams to fine-tune solutions for their specific industry needs. 

Manufacturers use computer vision for quality inspection, robotic assembly and defect detection. Retailers apply the technology to enable automated checkout and shelf inventory checks. The pharma industry employs computer vision for drug discovery, inspecting medications and cell analysis. In each case, computer vision and AI work in tandem to greatly increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Through our investment in Landing AI, we are excited to further the promise of computer vision for our customers across industries.