As machine learning continues to transform industries, one of the biggest challenges data scientists face has been trying to work with disparate data sources in a secure, scalable, and governed way. Businesses need an ML platform that can automate and accelerate every step of their ML journey.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Snowflake Ventures has invested in DataRobot, a leading end-to-end ML platform that continues to invest in Snowflake’s extensibility for data science workloads.

This investment furthers our vision to expand the types of workloads that will run in the Data Cloud. Snowflake and DataRobot have committed to a deeper product integration so that our joint customers can benefit from a seamless user experience to build, train, deploy, and monitor machine learning models within the Data Cloud – effectively using Snowflake as the runtime engine for their ML workloads.

This tighter integration is made possible in part by recent technology advances in Snowflake that will allow developers to write code in languages such as Java and Scala and run it natively in Snowflake. We look forward to leveraging these capabilities to support other partners and additional workload types in the future.

We’ve been deeply impressed with the DataRobot leadership team and the ML technologies they’ve developed, and we look forward to making them even easier for Snowflake customers to use as part of the Data Cloud. Businesses are inundated with data, and this investment and partnership is another step in ensuring that Snowflake users have access to the latest cutting-edge technologies to manage and monetize their data effectively in the Data Cloud.

For more information on our investment framework, find out more at the Snowflake Ventures website here.